Whether your pearl jewelry is a family heirloom, passed down from mother to daughter, a treasured gift, or you just love the classic aesthetic of pearl jewelry, pearls hold a special place in our hearts.
Just like everything else in life, pearls need a “tune-up” every so often to ensure their safety and restore their beauty.

Why do I need to have my pearl jewelry restrung?
Pearls are strung (knotted) on silk, which absorbs the oil from our skin and discolors and weakens with wear. Silk also stretches, which causes space between the pearls and makes the piece prone to breaking.
If any of the pearls move and/or the silk is frayed between any of the pearls, that's a big red flag that it’s time to have your pearls cleaned and restrung.

Is your pearl necklace broken? No problem, I can fix it! Missing or broken clasp? No problem, I can replace it! Did you know it is recommended with regular use your pearls should be restrung once a year and every 2-3 years for light use. I understand that your pearls are your treasures, and I will bring them back to life with care and skilled craft-womanship.

The cost to restring depends on the size of the pearls and the length of the piece.

Pearls that are 6mm and smaller cost $3 per inch and pearls 7mm and larger are $2.50 per inch. For example, restringing an 18” necklace with 6mm pearls will cost $54.

If you have a working clasp, I will restring your piece with the existing clasp free of charge. If you have a clasp that is broken, I can replace it with the clasp of your choice. The cost for a Sterling Silver clasp is $12 and a 14k Gold-Filled clasp is $15. 14K Gold clasps are available upon request.

I use 100% silk thread and clean your pearls prior to re-stringing them.

All my work is guaranteed – if it ever breaks, I will fix it free of charge.

My turnaround time is generally 5-7 days. If you need it sooner, in 3 days or less, there will be a rush order charge of $20.