Before I go off about myself, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my family, friends, and communities that have given me unconditional love and support. I truly could not have made my dream a reality without all y'all.

First, a little back story: Amy, a close friend of my mom's and mine, was so thoughtful and generous to gift me much of her late mother's jewelry to make new designs with the disassembled pieces. Among these shiny treasures were several thin, silver bangles.

Like most of my designs, I begin with one component that grabs my attention and I design and craft from there.

I had the design I wanted to make thought up, and I knew I wanted to incorporate pearls into the designs, but how?  Designing is only part of the process, the real challenge is making that design to fit my picky aesthetic and to be durable.

I remember the difficult part was starting, as it always seems to be. Attaching the wire to the bangle without soldering was a challenge, but after many failed attempts and fits of frustration, I figured out how to do it! The rest came naturally.

Since then, I've improved my technique, skill, and pace 'cuz good enough isn't good enough if it can better.

As the holidays approached, I wanted to give back to those who have, and continue to support me. For Amy, my mom, and two other close friends, I designed and crafted a unique bangle for each of these amazing women, with the very bangles that started it all. 

XOXO, Niki